Alexander Demchak

@Xhynk Lead Software Developer


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Howdy! I'm Alexander Demchak.
I'm known colloquially online as Xhynk (pronounced "zinc"). I've been a web developer since 2010, and now work mainly with PHP and its associated languages.
I've spent much of 2020 and 2021 helping cultivate positive, inclusive, non-toxic communities online - and have made some wonderful friends across the world since!
Age:31 Years
Location:Salem, Oregon - USA


Web Development

Whether you need a simple website, help integrating a WordPress theme, or a fully customized solution - I can help!


Having issues with a PHP implementation, WordPress website (theme, plugin, dashboard), database, or DNS? Fear not! (check out my Stack Overflow profile for some reassurance!)

Web Presence Analysis

I can help you find critical usablitity errors on your website, consult about your online presence, and more.


Stuck on a project, want to learn WordPress, have a PHP or JavaScript bug, or want to learn to empower your marketing?