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Stinky & MiniStink

Alex met Vera and her mother in 2012, just before Vera turned two. He has been the primary father-figure for her for the majority of her life. After irreconcilable differences, Alex and Vera's mother are getting a divorce. In that, Vera's mother took her away from her entire life of family, friends, and support in Oregon to Ohio on September 27th, 2023.

Vera's mother has blocked all communication Vera had with everyone she knew in Oregon, and stifled that with Alex. Alex is only allowed to talk to her up to 15 minutes a day, through monitored phonecalls on speaker phone with Vera's mother present.

Alex was told "I support your relationship with Vera" before they left, and he hasn't been allowed to see her, play games with her, or anything.


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I did my first Terrarium Building Stream on Saturday, March 26th, 2022! You can check out the replay on Twitch! A huge thank you to everyone who came and hung out!

Howdy! I'm Alexander Demchak.
I'm known colloquially online as Xhynk (pronounced "zinc"), and more recently: Stinky. I've been a web developer since 2010, and now work mainly with PHP and its associated languages.
I've spent much of 2020 and 2021 helping cultivate positive, inclusive, non-toxic communities online - and have made some wonderful friends across the world since!
Age:33 Years
Location:Salem, Oregon - USA


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