Alexander Demchak

@Xhynk Lead Software Developer

Want a Hat?

Lol, we all want a hat
Is your Twitter profile picture boring? Is it a picture of your face without a hat? Let me fix that for you!

Using Google's Cloud Vision API, Twitter's Profile API, and PHP's ImageMagick Class Library, we can find your face, add a cool hat to your hat-less head, and then automatically upload it back to Twitter!

Step 1: Authorize Xhynk.com

This part is easy, just click the button! A new page will open up, click the "Authorize App" button, and you'll come back here. Authorize Xhynk.com

Step 2: Get an Access Token

This part is also easy, again, just click the button! With xhynk.com authorized, we now need to get our access tokens. Get Access Token

Step 3: Get Your Hat

Huzzah! All of the boring technical magic and hullabaloo is done! Now just click the button below to put on your Santa Hat! Put On Your Hat!


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Howdy! I'm Alexander Demchak.
I'm known colloquially online as Xhynk (pronounced "zinc"). I've been a web developer since 2010, and now work mainly with PHP and its associated languages.
Age:30 Years
Location:Salem, Oregon - USA


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