My Expertise


I have developed for WordPress since 2010. With extensive knowledge of WP Core, Genesis Framework, Plugin & Theme development, and more, I'm able to provide elegant and customized solutions fully contained in the WordPress ecosystem.

Full Stack Programming

Having roots in WordPress, developing skills in HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, and multiple frameworks was a natural development. I deal with anything from MySQL databases, Theme Customization, all the way up to full stack Web Development.


I love coming up with ideas, or helping others to get their ideas to fruition! I've plotted WordPress plugins, SaaS solutions, and marketing plans. I also love coming up with solutions that are outside the box, my brain is always on!

Who is Xhynk?

My name is Alex, known colloquially online as Xhynk (pronounced "zinc"). I've been a web developer since 2010 when I started designing HTML only Golf Resort websites. My background was in Graphic Design and I'd only made a single HTML webpage in Notepad up until that point. I then found a job as Web Designer with a small studio in the heart of downtown. However, designing websites wasn't cutting it for our company, or myself, so I began teaching myself the ins and outs of WordPress development and fell in love with it. I transitioned to a full-stack developer shortly after that. I've reached hundreds of thousands of users on Stack Exchange, aided hundreds of businesses with SaaS solutions, released two public WordPress plugins, and more.

Content Mask

A robust WordPress plugin that eliminates the need for complex domain masks and forwarders.

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A silly project that uses PHP and Ajax to generate "Dogecards" on the fly. MySQL Database driven.

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A sentiment detecting, database driven slack command to allow our Slack team to award "Karma" to users.

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A website redesign for a client who underwent large-scale internal rebranding for her new location.

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