Awesome plugin

Awesome plugin. Really helps to show clients what their website can look like with additional code. Alex is very responsive with any issues that come up. Highly recommend it!

July 8, 2022


It works! 5 stars.

March 17, 2022


This is an amazingly effective and easy to use plugin. I went out searching for some code to adapt to my pages to do this same thing. Even about to hire someone on Fiverr. And then I came across the Content Mask plugin. It does exactly what I need in two steps. Thank you! Donation coming.

September 11, 2020

Great plugin and even better support!

I just got the plugin and it does all that I was looking for! I tried to find a solution to my problem for hours, and then I stumbled upon this plugin. Amazing. Also, the support is awesome! I noticed a small bug, and he quickly updated it. Most definitely recommend it. Thank you!

July 27, 2018

Must download

This works seamlessly and the developer is extremely responsive. You can tell he cares about his products.

June 15, 2018

Outstanding Time Saver!

This plug is wonderful! It works efficiently and saved me from custom coding, subdirectories, DNS changes, and more. I'm usually reluctant donate to plugins, but for this one I was more than happy to do so!

May 29, 2018


Okay I am officially in love with this plugin. I've searched this for like literally over a month now and your plugin helped me. Thank you SO SO SO SO MUCH FOR THIS PLUGIN 🙂

April 10, 2018

A Simple 2-Step Process

Instead of creating complicated Domain Forwarding rules, just add a new Post, Page, or Custom Post Type and use the simple Content Mask Metabox. Once you have a permalink to mask, the Simple 2-Step Process begins!

content mask logo

Step 1

Turn on the Toggle Switch.

Step 2

Paste a URL into the Content Mask URL field.

That's all there is to it! Go ahead and publish the Post, Page, or Custom Post Type and the content from the Content Mask URL will be embeded onto the front side of your page!

Details and Options

Content Mask Method

The Content Mask Method determines how you want to mask the content. Currently there are three options, Download, Iframe, and Redirect (301). The default method is Download and can be changed by simply selecting a different option from the Content Mask Method dropdown.

  • Download

    This is the default method. When viewing the Post, Page, or Custom Post Type's, the original request is killed and replaced with the content from the Content Mask URL that was provided. To help prevent hammering the Content Mask URL with unnecessary traffic-spikes, we use the WordPress Transients API to cache the results of the Content Mask URL for 4 hours. The transient is also refreshed any time the Post, Page or Custom Post Type is updated. If you update the content on the Content Mask URL, just update the Post, Page, or Custom Post Type and the cache will be refreshed.

  • Iframe

    We don't overwrite or replace any content at this time, so images and scripts with relative URLs will break if the Content Mask Method is set to Download. To alleviate this issue, we simulate a Content Mask by replacing the page content with full width iframe instead. This means your page request will be a basic <head> and an iframe of the Content Mask URL.

  • Redirect (301)

    Some websites don't allow themselves to serve their assets outside of their IP range, and some don't allow themselves to be iframed. If the Content Mask URL doesn't work with either of these methods, you can use the Redirect (301) method. Using this method won't keep your domain in the address bar and will literally just forward traffic from [your-permalink] to [content-mask-url] while sending a 301 response. It's effectively a fall back if the previous two methods don't work.


  • Visitor Tracking

    If you enable Visitor Tracking, Content Mask will count how many times your masked pages are visited by all users, users who aren't logged in, as well as unique users.

  • HTTP Headers for Download Method

    Some websites won't serve content to web applications, even if you have authorization and license to use the content. If you enable this option, the Download Method will send some advanced HTTP Headers along with the request - this may help if you're getting errors when using the Download Method (especially 403 Forbidden errors).


This plugin is intended to bring in content you've created or have license to use into your WordPress website. There are a dozens or hundreds of tools such as Content Curators and Landing Page Creators that host your content externally. This plugin aims to allow you to keep your domain presence stronger and provide a more integrated experience with these external tools.

Instead of registering another Custom Post Type for custom slugs/permalinks, this plugin adds a Metabox under all Posts, Pages, and Custom Post Types, allowing you to utilize the permalink structures you have in place.

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